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Click here for a printer friendly .pdf copy which includes Article of Incorporation




The name of the Guild shall be known as the Franklin County Quilters Guild Inc. of Vermont.  The name of the Guild’s newsletter shall be known as the Sugarhouse Gazette.  The Articles of Incorporation, as approved by the Vermont Secretary of State on March 4, 2015, and effective on March 2, 2015, are in the Appendix to these bylaws.




Section 1:

The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote an interest in the art of quilting for the members and for the benefit of the community.


Section 2:

Effective March 2, 2015, the Internal Revenue Service determined the Guild is a public charity and is tax exempt as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  As such, donors can deduct contributions they make to the Guild under IRC Section 170.





Section 1:

1. All persons 18 years of age and older who are interested in the art of quilting shall be eligible to join the Guild. Any person interested in joining may attend two meetings as a guest before they must pay dues in order to continue attending meetings.

2. Quilters ages 9 through 17 may join the Guild under the following conditions:

a. They must be sponsored by a member 18 years of age or older and whose dues are current.

b. They must attend Guild meetings with their sponsoring member or another member 18 years of age or older.

c. They must strive to enter at least one quilted item into each annual quilt show.

d. They must participate regularly in show and tell at the monthly Guild meetings.

e. They must actively participate in monthly Guild meetings under Roberts Rules of Order and under accepted standards of public decorum.

f. Members under the age of 18 may not serve as a Guild officer or committee chairperson or serve on the Nominating Committee.

g. Members under the age of 18 may not make any expenditures of Guild funds or monies.

h. The membership for any member under the age of 18 can be terminated at any time by vote of the majority of the Guild’s Executive Committee.


Section 2:

The annual dues shall be payable by all members at the September meeting of each year. The executive committee will determine the amount and notify members at or prior to the September meeting. The membership chairperson shall notify members two months in arrears and those whose dues are not paid within one month thereafter shall be automatically dropped from the membership.


Section 3:

The dues will not be prorated. In order to receive newsletters and be able to participate in special workshops, the full dues must be paid regardless of when a member joins or rejoins.


Section 4:

Any member of the Franklin County Quilters Guild shall be eligible to take part in the workshops by quilt instructors paid for either in part or all by the Guild if:

1. They are the current president or program chair or:

2. They have been a paid member for the entire previous year, and

3. They have attended 4 out of 10 meetings, and

4. They have sold 2 books of raffle tickets and contributed to one of the following fund raising activities: providing fabric and/or blocks for the raffle and charity quilts; somehow participated in the quilt show; and other group fund raising.


If there is space in the workshop, then there will be a lottery for the available spaces with interested members. If there is still space remaining, anyone else may take the workshop at a fee to be determined by the Guild at that time.





Section 1:

The elected officers of the Guild shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Project Coordinator(s) and Program Director(s). These officers shall comprise the Executive Committee. The past president shall serve as ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Guild.


Chairpersons and coordinators include but are not limited to: membership chairperson; quilt show chairperson(s); newsletter editor; annual charity quilt coordinator(s); raffle quilt coordinator(s); and other charity quilt coordinators as deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Guild. The chairpersons and coordinators shall perform their duties under the direction of the president.


Section 2:

Nominations for officers will take place at the regular meeting in May. Officers shall be elected by a show of hands vote at the annual meeting in June. See Article VIII, Section 1 for the nominating committee protocol.


Section 3:

Officers and chairpersons will serve a one-year term. Officers and chairpersons may serve more than one term consecutively. New officers and chairpersons shall assume their duties at the end of the annual meeting in June.


Section 4:

All elected officers may issue and sign receipts, as requested, for the donation of monies or goods to the Guild.  Such receipts shall include the date of the donation, a description of the donation, and the amount or value of the donation.





Section 1:

Duties of the President shall include:

          Preside at all meetings

          Call meeting to order at the appointed time

          Introduce guests and new members at each meeting

          Announce business to the membership

          Be informed of communications

          State and put all questions properly brought by the membership

          Decide all questions of order

          Preserve order and decorum

          Provide signature when necessary

   Provide a President’s Message to the Newsletter Editor no later than the last Wednesday of the month

          Request a Nominating Committee of at least three members no later than the March meeting.

          Be a co-signer to the Guild bank account to facilitate monthly spot checks comparing the Treasurer Reports with the monthly statements.


Section 2:

Duties of the Vice President shall include:

          Preside and perform the duties of president in the absence of the president

          Schedule meeting location and time, in coordination with the President and Program

Director(s), for all Executive Committee meetings and all monthly guild meetings

    Coordinate supplies and set up meeting room for potluck dinners at the December and June meetings.


Section 3:

Duties of the Secretary shall include:

          Keep the public informed of guild meetings through public notices

          Keep minutes of the meeting

          Provide the membership with copies of previous minutes for review if requested

   Provide electronic copy of the minutes for Executive Committee meetings and monthly guild meetings to the newsletter editor no later than the last Wednesday of the month

   Preside in the absence of the president and vice president

          Conduct correspondence as directed

   Maintain hard copies of all past meeting minutes and correspondence generated.


Section 4:

Duties of the Treasurer shall include:

   Receive and deposit all monies due the Guild within 7-10 days of receipt. If unable to meet this requirement, the monies should be given to the president to deposit.

          Disperse funds as needed to conduct guild business

   Keep bookkeeping records of such monies and funds

   Maintain all documents related to incorporation in and tax exempt status with the State of Vermont

   Maintain all documents related to 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service

   File electronic IRS Form 990-N or IRS and State income tax returns as required by law

   Ensure proper documentation is presented for items for payments

   Pay rent for the use of the hall in a timely fashion

          Read the treasurer's report at each meeting

   Provide electronic copy of the Treasurer’s Report to the Newsletter Editor no later than the last Wednesday of the month


Section 5:

Duties of the Program Director shall include:

          Solicit teachers, and/or speakers for guild programs

          Inform the treasurer before all programs of monies due the speaker or teacher

   Coordinate monthly programs throughout the guild year

          Coordinate monthly drawings for door prize and charity quilts

   Maintain birthday basket of fat quarters.


Section 6:

Duties of the Project Coordinator shall include:

Organize monthly raffle blocks (block of the month)

Organize other projects such as block or fabric exchanges, mystery quilts, challenges, and progressive quilts.


Section 7:

Duties of the Membership Chairperson shall include:

Collect membership dues at the September meeting and as new members join in coordination with the Treasurer

          Notify members who are in arrears with their dues

          Compile a list of members' names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers

          Distribute the membership list by the November meeting

          Update the membership list as needed

   Provide electronic copies of the membership list to the President and newsletter editor whenever updates are made.


Section 8:

Duties of the Newsletter Editor shall include:

    Publish the Guild’s newsletter monthly, September through June, at least one week prior to the scheduled Guild meeting

   Organize the following items, at minimum, in each newsletter:

    List of Guild officers, chairpersons, and coordinators

Schedule of monthly meetings to include start time

President’s message

Minutes of previous month’s meeting(s)

Treasurer’s Report for current month

Instructions for block of the month and/or other projects as needed.

          Maintain hard copies of all past newsletters.





Section 1:

The regular meeting of the Guild shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month during the months of September through June unless alternative plans are agreed upon by the membership. Any change from the usual meeting time and/or place shall be announced at the previous meeting and in the newsletter.


Section 2:

The regular meeting in June shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports of the officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise.


Section 3:

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once prior to the September meeting to prepare for the coming year and as often as necessary thereafter. The President shall invite any chairpersons or coordinators to the Executive Committee meetings as deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Guild.


Section 4:

Fifty-one percent of the paying membership of the Guild present at the monthly meeting shall constitute a quorum.





Section 1:

The President shall request a Nominating Committee of at least three members no later than the March meeting. It shall be the duty of this committee to solicit candidates for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director, and Project Coordinator.


Section 2:

The committee will accept nominations from the floor in May and will present a slate of candidates at the annual meeting in June.


Section 3:

Standing or Special committees shall be appointed by the President as necessary to carry out the business of the Guild. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.





Section 1:

Checks for payment to the Guild shall be made payable to the Franklin County Quilters Guild or FCQG.


Section 2:

Income received on behalf of the Guild shall be turned in to the Treasurer and shall not be offset by expenses incurred.


Section 3:

All monies due the Guild shall be deposited within 7-10 days of receipt.


Section 4:

Any expenditures in excess of $100 must be pre-approved by a majority of the membership present at the monthly meeting.


Section 5:

Members shall submit receipts for reimbursement to the treasurer monthly using the approved reimbursement form.


Section 6:

Payment for workshops shall be made at the time of signup. No refunds shall be given. Alternates will make private arrangements with the paid attendee.





The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Guild in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order that the Guild may adopt.





These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Guild by a two-thirds vote, provided the amendment has been submitted in writing by/at the previous regular meeting or has been published in the newsletter prior to the vote.


Bylaws approved unanimously by membership October 20, 2000

Addition of Article III, Section 4, approved unanimously by membership September 15, 2005

Addition of Article III, Section 1, Paragraph 2, approved unanimously by membership June 16, 2010

Changes to Articles I-VII, IX and X, addition of Article II, Section 2, addition of Article IV, Section 4, addition of Article V, Sections 7 & 8, addition of Article VIII, Guild Finances, and addition of Appendix approved unanimously by membership June 17, 2015

Addition to Article V, Section 1 was approved by the membership October 17th, 2018.