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     The  Franklin County Quilt Guild is located in Franklin County, Vermont and meets in St. Albans at the Church of the Rock on Route 104 at 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.  We come together to share our love of quilting, and learn from one another.  We also share a civic mission by providing free quilts to deserving individuals and organizations, and sponsor a free annual quilt show and exhibit every spring at the St. Albans City Hall.  All are welcome.

     One of our goals has been to provide local charities and other organizations with handmade quilts. These quilts have been used for fund raising projects or simply to provide comfort and warmth to someone who might otherwise not get it.

     We have provided over 1000 smaller quilts to such organizations as:
Franklin County Home Health,
The Family Center,
Laura’s House,
Franklin County Humane Society,
The Thomas Cook Memorial Fund,
Ronald McDonald House,
Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) Birthing Center,
and the Franklin County Senior Center.

     In December 2004, we organized The “Purple Heart Quilt”. Members of the guild supplied the materials, Franklin County Home Health donated the use of their Conference Room; and we got together to make quilts to be given to those soldiers from Franklin County who were wounded, or to the families of those who gave their lives. We gratefully presented 9 of these quilts, and hope we do not need to make anymore.

     In 2006, we spent the summer {and we mean the whole summer} putting together quilt kits to be made by our members for local breast cancer survivors. NMC donated the use of the Conference Center, and we got together and made quilts. As of February 2007 we had given away 40 quilts to breast cancer survivors. You would only need to read one of the thank you notes to know that this was a most heartfelt success. Additionally proceeds from the sale of the fabric actually goes to breast cancer research. In early 2007, the guild voted to make this an annual event in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

     Over the last ten years, we have given larger quilts to the following organizations for them to use as fund raisers:  
American Heart, Kidney, and Alzheimer’s Associations {with all funds used in Vermont},
The John LeClair Foundation,
The St. Albans Free Library,
Franklin County Home Health,
Camp Ta Kum Ta,
Linda Wood Mason Breast Cancer Fund,
Vermont Make-A-Wish Foundation,
United Way,
The Northwestern Center Auxiliary for Cardiac Capers. 
All of these organizations raised large sums of money for their causes with these quilts .

  In April we host our annual Quilt Show. Held in the St. Albans City Hall auditorium, it is a chance for us to show the community what we are all about. Everyone looks forward to the “Mayor’s Choice Award”, where the Mayor of St. Albans City picks his favorite quilt. We actually make a special ribbon just for this award. We do not charge admission and provide free classes and instruction through out the day. It is our one main events.  The St. Albans Historical Museum usually displays their antique quilt collection on the same day every other year.

  If these activites sound like fun, please come to one of our meetings or contact us at